This is where I store links, websites and general resources that are helpful while coding and customising a webpage! Click the toggles to see the recources for each category listed (sometimes you have to double click the toggle). I also have links to some other cool neocity pages :)

sadgrl: lots of great basic layouts that help a lot with understanding coding (including a customisable layout builder!!)

arcade: has a 1999-style layout

waspnest: one pastel and one aurora template

neothemes: cute pink layouts that come in different versions

mdn web docs: html basics

w3schools: lots of coding tutorials, perfect for beginners

sadgrl: sadgrls collection of tile backgrounds

manuzynha: lots of pastel, cute and sanrio

snaapy: hundreds of varied backgrounds

seamless patterns: 20+ pages of patterns, including lots of pokemon stuff and a "find a pattern" system

tenshiikisu: 500+ collection of pixel, tile and anime backgrounds, gifs and gradients

seamlessss: pretty wallpapers including star wars & pokemon

pixel-background-blog: pink collection

best-of-backgrounds: varied backgrounds

captainsartlog: cloud pixel tiles

worldsgreatestplanetonearth: 250+ pixel backgrounds

vector images: can search anything followed by seamless (e.g. cat seamless) and bonus- they're all royalty-free

pixel-background-blog: 50 stars and skies backgrounds

ohpixels: cutesy pixel tile collections

patternvomit: loads of patterns and textures, lots of floral stuff!

koduck: redux bg collection, including lots of cute pokemon ones (great for repeated backgrounds)

seamlesstile: 32 pages of funky tiles

free backgrounds: collection of 90s-style repeated backgrounds

web badges world: 3961 badges you can search through

88x31 gif collection: collection of 4210 classic 88x31 buttons from the 1990s, 2000s, and today

animatedglittergraphics-n-more: my fav resource for blinkies/dividers/icons, huge tagged collections and masterposts

glitter graphics: blinkies, graphics, layouts, glitter text, animated backgrounds

ar.inspiredpencil: transparent gifs and banners

blinkies cafe: can not only make your own blinkies but browse through others

l-chan: small collection of dividers and blinkies

spr1nkl3z da sc3n3 k1d: spacehey profile with a extensive array of badges, buttons, blinkies and gifs

omfg: absolutely beautiful graphics

mochim: vampire blinkies!

clownhouse: kawaii gifs, graphics and tiled bgs

skelenby collection: blinkies, buttons, stamps, gificties finds, graphics and pixel icons

remniku: pixel graphics/2000s webcore

xf4int: red aesthetic gifs collection

gifshop: some older-web style gifs

blinkie generator: create HTML code to put blinkies on your website, blog, myspace...

gifcities: internet archive’s animated GIF search engine

stickerclub2005: tumblr site with a great collection of scanned stickers

free blinkies: one of the biggest collections of static and animated blinkies on the net, with organised categories

button wall: collection of over 4000 buttons

vector icons: free icons and stickers (i use this for list style images!)

pixel dividers: extensive collection of pixel dividers

kawaii pixel dividers: over 200 dividers

free javascript/dhtml effects: javascript mouse and text effects

90's cursor effects

open cursor library: 200+ pages of custom cursors to add to your site, can literally find cursors for everything (pokemon, hunger games, sanrio, scream... you name it) and can save them as pngs or .ani files if u have premium

html cheat sheet: can pick out colours and get the code for them

colour picker: colour picks from images, to which it outputs the code (useful for matching text to background picture colours etc.)

gifypet: cute pet to add to your website, can also upload a custom image for it

adopt a shroom!: unique mushroom protectors for your site, they also have some cute buttons

tamanotchi: tamaNOTchi are cute virtual pets you can customize, grow, and share on your blog or website!

censorship pandas: online pets with a purpose, show your webrating

chickensmoothie: collect new pets every month, watch them grow, dress them up and trade them with friends! create artwork using the free online oekaki app, and join clubs, roleplays, and discussions in the forum!

pokefarm: collect eggs, hatch them and care for the pokemon that emerge in this free-to-play online fan-game! you can add the different pokemon you collect to your site :)

scm music player: a free and open source web music player

dendrocities: tumblr page dedicated to neocities resources

method draw: what i use to make 88x31 badges

site counter: count accesses to your blog or other webpages

creating a blinkie: simple 8-step custom blinkie tutorial

dokodemo: collection of useful or interesting sites from around the web

sadgrl fonts: sadgrl's collection of free fonts found online

dafont: download fonts

dendrophalaen: a cool splatoon webshrine!!!

federiefederi: project dedicated to promoting smaller underappreciated neocities sites

neonaut: generally just a cool site, with lots of stuff on preserving webcontent, also has an extensive 88x31 button archive

queers through the years: a website made to share information about important people and events from queer history

e-wizard: such a unique and cool aesthetic with different themes

spirit cellar art: gorgeous design and art

spiritcellar: above's main site, literally the coolest design